Target Laboratory

Working Group Conveners

John Greene (ANL), Walter Loveland (University of Oregon), John Yurkon (NSCL/MSU)

Note that at the end of 2020, the Target Lab (CATS) Working Group merged with the Advanced Targets Working Group. The new page can be found here.


As we approach the era of FRIB, we should assess the demands for targets, foils, and radioactive materials that will arise. Experiments will be done at energies from keV/u to hundreds of MeV/u, so there will be a broad need for foils of all sizes, configurations, and thicknesses. In addition, the targets will be irradiated by beams varying from particles per second, to >1011 particles/second, so in some cases melting and cooling issues will be important. In this workshop, the infrastructure for the experimental halls and equipment is being discussed. However, we should also consider what target applications and new developments will be necessary to carry out the physics these devices will address. Who will make these targets? It appears that the best place to understand what will be needed is within the context of this FRIB Users Workshop on Equipment.

What can we hope to accomplish? We can begin with the generalization that for the physics undertaken with these rare beams at Coulomb energies, thin films and foils will be necessary – using both stable isotopes and thin radioactive targets. For fast beams, thick targets will be required as well. Other demands might include stripper foils, degraders, target backing foils, detector windows, etc. So, let’s set out to answer the following questions:

What kind of targets and applications will be needed for FRIB?

  • Thin foils and films
  • Thick targets for fast beams
  • Stripper foils
  • Foils for detector windows and gas cells

How and where will these demands be met?

  • Dedicated target lab as a part of the FRIB complex
  • Expand upon facilities already established at MSU
  • Another location as `Lead Target Lab'
  • Commercially available opportunities

This Working Group is focused on setting up a Target Laboratory for the in-house fabrication of thin films, windows, special radioactive sources, and related items needed for experiments at FRIB.