Radioactive Decay Station

Working Group Conveners

Robert Grzywacz (ORNL/UT), Sean Liddick (NSCL/MSU), Darek Seweryniak (ANL), Nick Scielzo (LLNL)


Sensitive decay spectroscopy will be one of the primary discovery probes at FRIB. It will characterize nuclear properties at the "frontiers" of the chart of nuclides where new phenomena are expected. The FRIB Radioactive Decay Station Working Group was formed to promote and facilitate the design and construction of experimental apparatus, which will take full advantage of the new and exciting opportunities provided by FRIB.

An efficient, state-of-the-art detection station(s) equipped with instruments capable of characterizing various forms of radiation such as gamma rays, conversion electrons, beta particles, protons, alpha particles and neutrons will be required for decay studies at FRIB. Its final implementation will be shaped by the vast experience gathered with existing decay spectroscopy stations and will be influenced by emerging technologies.

This working group will be focused on putting together a Radioactive Decay Station, likely to include capabilities for alpha, beta, gamma, and electron counting.

Collaboration Meetings