FRIB Handouts / Information

A set of resources is available for members of the FRIB Users Organization, who are preparing talks, attending meetings, or just generally would like to promote FRIB and FRIB science. The available resources include:

  • FRIB Standard overview slides: These can be used as a presentation skeleton, in segments according to relevancy. [Updated at least every three months]
  • Fact sheets: These are short, one- to two-page informational sheets about the FRIB project. [Updated at least every month]
  • Quarterly construction progress slides: These are photos of construction site progress from various angles. [Updated at least every three months]
  • Construction progress timelapse slides: These are photo images of the construction site progress (August 2012 - present). [Updated at least every three months].

Please contact the FRIB Users' committee chair, or to request materials.

The following documents are handouts related to the science and technology of FRIB. Many of these were used as part of Congressional visits in support of FRIB and radioactive beam science.

Handouts and Other Resources