HRS: High Rigidity Spectrometer

Working Group Conveners

Remco Zegers (NSCL/MSU)


The HRS working group advances the implementation of a High Rigidity Spectrometer ( for FRIB. The High Rigidity Spectrometer (HRS) will be the centerpiece experimental tool of the Facility for Rare-Isotope Beams (FRIB) fast-beam program. The fast-beam program at FRIB has tremendous discovery potential, enabling experiments with beam intensities of few ions per second or less through the luminosity afforded by thick targets. The high magnetic rigidity of the HRS (8 Tm) will match the rigidities for which rare-isotope production yields at the FRIB fragment separator are maximized across the entire chart of nuclei and enable experiments with the most exotic, neutron-rich nuclei available at FRIB. Through precise exit-channel selection, the HRS will also increase the scientific discovery potential from other state-of-the-art and community-priority devices, such as the Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array (GRETA) and the Modular Neutron Array (MoNA-LISA), in addition to other ancillary detectors.