Scintillator Arrays

Working Group Conveners

Walter Reviol (ANL), P. Chowdhury (U. Mass. Lowell), F. G. Kondev (ANL), A. Rogers (U. Mass. Lowell), V. Werner (TU-Darmstadt)


This working group is focused on designing, constructing and utilizing scintillator arrays employing new high-resolution materials, and perhaps optimized for high-energy gamma rays. Formal meetings of the working group were held at the FRIB workshop at MSU in February 2010 and the Rutgers instrumentation workshop in January 2011, with subsequent phone/Skype discussions among the conveners. Detector materials highest on the agenda were LaBr3:Ce (for their energy resolution and fast timing properties) and CLYC (for their PSD and dual γ-ray and neutron measurement capability). Basic scenarios for scintillator arrays were discussed: e.g. (i) a 4π array at the target position, perhaps of a geodesic shape, consisting of LaBr3:Ce and/or CLYC detectors, and (ii) a decay-station array, perhaps in combination with Si detectors. Moving forward, the conveners welcome broad participation from the community as well as cross-fertilization between other working groups in formulating an agenda for a scintillator array for FRIB.