Neutron Source

Working Group Conveners

Michael Smith (ORNL) and Richard Hughes (LLNL)


This working group is focused on establishing an intense neutron source at FRIB to measure neutron-induced reactions on FRIB harvested radioisotopes. Measurements of (n,n'), (n,2n), (n, gamma), (n,p), (n,alpha), (n,f) and other reactions on unstable nuclei are critical for a number of societal applications including Nuclear Security and Nuclear Energy, as well as basic research in Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics. Measurements on the very short-lived species needed for these applications can be facilitated by locating an intense neutron source near the processing site of harvested isotopes at FRIB. This system would also give true multi-user capability to FRIB.


Please check back for more details on an upcoming 2020 workshop.