Solenoid Detectors

Working Group Conveners

Ben Kay (ANL), Calem Hoffman (ANL), Birger Back (ANL), Alan Wuosmaa (University of Connecticut)


This working group has focused on designing, constructing and utilizing a solenoidal spectrometer system for measurement of reactions in inverse kinematics at FRIB. Their activities have culminated in the Solenoidal Spectrometer Apparatus for Reaction Studies, or SOLARIS.

The working group has recently published a white paper on SOLARIS, which is a dual-mode solenoidal spectrometer operating in a Si-array mode and an active target time projection chamber (AT-TPC) mode. The white paper details the outstanding physics opportunities made available by the coupling of SOLARIS and the ReA facility at FRIB, along with conceptual designs.

The main component of such a dedicated device, the 4T superconducting solenoid, has been acquired. This is currently stored at Argonne National Laboratory, and will be prepared for conversion into a solenoidal spectrometer in the summer of 2018 before moving to the ReA6 hall in early 2019.

A full proposal was submitted to the DOE in the spring of 2018. A timely development and implementation of SOLARIS will ensure its availability for day-one physics at FRIB, with the commissioning taking place with stable beams prior to FRIB coming online.

SOLARIS builds upon the success of the HELIOS spectrometer at ANL, which celebrates 10 years of operation in August 2018. It has recently undergone an upgrade of the Si detector system and is now implemented with a digital data acquisition. A subset of the working group is also involved in the development of the ISOLDE Solenoidal Spectrometer (ISS) at the HIE-ISOLDE facility at CERN.