Nuclear Physicist Position at University of Birmingham

23 November 2022

Associated with the new high flux neutron facility that is presently being commissioned at Birmingham, we are advertising a new Associate Professor position. The new position is to take a leading role in the science programme of the new facility and also the MC40 cyclotron. The new facility can be explored using the Matterport link below:

The job description, for the Nuclear Physicist role is here:

"The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham seeks to appoint an Associate Professor with strong expertise and a demonstrated scientific track record in nuclear science, to coordinate and lead the science programme of its new High Flux Accelerator-Driven Neutron Facility. The successful applicant is also expected to make use of the new Facility, and potentially also the School's MC40 Cyclotron facility, for their own research.

Based in the School of Physics and Astronomy, the High Flux Accelerator-Driven Neutron Facility is a new national facility that will support the study of neutron interactions in materials for the nuclear sector, ranging from fission to fusion, and is part of Birmingham initiatives in the Energy sector led by the Birmingham Energy Institute.

The Facility also offers a broader programme relating to the understanding of neutron interactions with materials, with applications extending to nuclear medicine (including a programme of radiobiology research), the space sector, and fundamental physics. The successful applicant will engage with external users of the Facility to develop new research programmes; support and develop new internal, University of Birmingham research programmes linked to the Facility; have their own strong programme of research using the Facility; collaborate effectively with the existing Facility team and nuclear research programme; and, as part of the Facility management team, represent the Facility within the University of Birmingham and externally at national and international meetings.

The successful applicant will sit within the Nuclear Physics Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy, as part of a dynamic team utilizing the unique combination of nuclear facilities based in the School. They will have the necessary background and expertise to contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes in the School, in particular in nuclear technologies and nuclear physics."

For further information, please contact

Martin Freer,

Carl Wheldon,

ISOLDE Physics Coordinator

21 November 2022

The deadline for applications is 9th January 2023.

Postdoctoral Research Opportunity in the Charge-Exchange Group at FRIB

21 November 2022

The Charge-Exchange (CE) Group at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams ( at Michigan State University, led by Remco Zegers, is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral research position in experimental nuclear astrophysics. The CE group performs experiments that aim to elucidate the role of weak interactions (electron-captures, neutrino-induced reactions) in astrophysical scenarios by using charge-exchange reactions with beams at ~100 MeV/u. In addition, charge-exchange reactions are utilized to probe the spin-isospin response of nuclei, including isovector giant resonances. A wide variety of experimental probes are used, such as the (t,3He)/(3He,t) reactions, the (p,n) reaction in inverse kinematics, various heavy-ion CE probes, and since recently, the (d,2He) reaction in inverse kinematics. Experimental tools include magnetic spectrometers, neutron and gamma-ray detectors, and active-target time projection chambers. The group works closely with other experimental groups, nuclear theorists and astrophysicists in order to interpret the experimental results and the impacts on astrophysical simulations. The group has also developed an electron-capture rate library that can be used in astrophysical simulations.

Details of the position and qualifications, as well as instructions to apply, can be found at:

This is a positing for several postdoctoral research opportunities at FRIB. The opening in the CE group is associated with opportunity number 6 on this page.

Please contact Remco Zegers at for more information about the position.

Two postdoctoral positions at University of Liverpool

17 November 2022

The University of Liverpool is seeking 2 Postdoctoral Research Associates to support its research programme exploring nuclear structure at the extremes of spin and isospin. One post will focus primarily on gamma-ray spectroscopy exploiting AGATA, while the second will mainly investigate ground-state properties of exotic nuclei in experiments using advanced laser and decay spectroscopy techniques at a range of facilities. The tenure of the posts is until 30th September 2024. For further details and a link to the online application please see:

For more information, please contact Robert Page (

Postdoctoral position at KU Leuven

17 November 2022

We would like to attract your attention to the following job posting for a post-doc with KU Leuven, but embedded in the RILIS team at CERN:

The call is open until a suitable candidate is found for the position, or until 31 Jan 2023. For more information, contact Thomas Cocolios ( or Katerina Chrysalidis (

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