FRIB Day 1 Science at the 2017 Low Energy Community Meeting

August 2 @ Argonne National Laboratory

The FRIB Day 1 Science workshop will be held as a pre-workshop to this year's Low Energy Community Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory, in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 2, 2017. The workshop is being organized with the goal of (a) better defining to the community the capabilities of the FRIB facility envisioned for early science, (b) defining the instrumentation capabilities expected in the same time frame, and (c) first discussions of the processes for early science.

To this end, we have organized a program of FRIB facility/capability talks, followed by science-based presentations that explore the reach and nature of programs possible with early FRIB beams and the theory in support of these programs. We hope that this workshop will serve as a catalyst to the community to optimize early science at FRIB.

-- The FRIB Users Organization Executive Committee

Link to FRIB rate estimate spreadsheets, courtesy of O. Tarasov (NSCL/FRIB)
Time Topic Speaker Time Breakdown Slides
FRIB Status and Overview: Chair: Kelly Chipps (ORNL)
1:00pm Workshop Goals FRIBUEC 10" pdf
1:10pm FRIB Facility Overview Thomas Glasmacher (FRIB) 30" + 10" pdf
1:50pm FRIB Equipment Georg Bollen (FRIB) 30" + 10" pdf
2:30pm Break
Physics Session I: Chair: Carl Brune (OU)
3:00pm Astrophysics Melina Avila (ANL) and Rebecca Surman (ND) 30" Avila-pdf
3:30pm Reactions Bob Charity (WashU) and Charlotte Elster (OU) 30" pdf
4:00pm Break
Physics Session II: Chair: Filomena Nunes (MSU)
4:15pm Structure Mitch Allmond (ORNL) and Ragnar Stroberg (TRIUMF) 30" Allmond-pdf
4:45pm Fundamental Symmetries Jaideep Singh (MSU) and Jon Engel (UNC) 30" pdf
5:15pm Applications Greg Severin (MSU) 15" pdf
5:30pm        Discussion -- Chair: Lee Sobotka (WashU) 30"
6:00pm Adjourn