Solenoid Detectors

Working Group Conveners

Birger Back (ANL), Calem Hoffman (ANL), Ben Kay (ANL), Alan Wuosmaa (University of Connecticut)


This working group is focused on designing, constructing and utilizing a Helios-like solenoid detection system for measurement of reactions in inverse kinematics at FRIB.

The working group has thus far acquired the main component of such a dedicated device, the 4T superconducting solenoid, which is now stored at Argonne National Laboratory. The magnet will be moved into the Physics building at ANL later this year to start the mechanical modifications required to convert the magnet into a spectrometer. Funding to proceed in this direction has not yet been secured.

The present HELIOS spectrometer at ANL is currently undergoing an upgrade of the Si detector system and converting to digital readout. The experience gained in this process will help with the design and implementation of a similar system for the ReA6-12 HELIOS (solenoid) device.