FRIB Working Groups

FRIB Users have formed numerous Working Groups specializing in instruments, halls, and scientific topics. Some of these groups have their own external web pages or web sites, other have pages on this site, and others are still being formed.

Please visit the Working Group Updates page to get a short summary of the recent activity in these areas.

Working Group Conveners: please contact to update the basic information on these pages, to add extra pages, or to link to external web sites.

Here is the current list of working groups:


Data Acquisition and Analysis (including digital data acq)

Radioactive Decay Station (alpha, beta, gamma, and electron counting)

Detectors for EoS physics

GRETINA/GRETA/ Digital Gammasphere

Isotopes and Applications

Gas Jet Target

Laser spectroscopy

Low Energy Neutron Detection (3He, plastic, liq.scint)

Super Scintillator Arrays (new high resolution materials, high energy gammas)

ReA12 Recoil Separator (NEW - includes gas-filled, isochronous, and dispersive types)

Silicon Array(s) (current and future)

Helios-like solenoid for inverse kinematics reactions

High Resolution Spectrometer (S800-type)

Target Laboratory for thin films and windows ... special radioactive sources etc.

New technologies in detectors and electronics

Theoretical Physics - FRIB Theory User Group

Time Projection Chamber /Active target

Penning, Paul and MOT Traps